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In addition to the Featured Articles listed on our homepage, the following are some additional interesting and helpful articles about dying with dignity.

'Letting Go - What should medicine do when it can't save your life?' -- by Atul Gawande, The New Yorker, August 2, 2010

'This doctor helped the dying end their lives with dignity. Then he was diagnosed with cancer' -- by Brooke Jarvis In The Week, excerpted from Harper's Magazine

'Aid-In-Dying Law Comes To California' -- By Kenny Goldberg, Katie Schoolov -- KPBS Series -- December 9, 2015

'Force-Feeding: Cruel at Guantánamo, but O.K. for Our Parents. ' -- New York Times - Opinion -- By Haider Javed Warraich NOV. 24, 2015

'How A Woman's Plan To Kill Herself Helped Her Family Grieve'. -- Health News from NPR -- June, 2014

'The ICU is not a Pause button'. -- opinion by Kristen McConnell-- New York Times -- August 26, 2015

'The right to Physician-Assisted-Death'. -- full speech by Dr. Rodney Syme, M.D. -- Sydney Morning Herald -- May 26, 2015

'Rational Suicide' Talk Increasing Among the 'Healthy' Elderly. -- by Deborah Brauser -- Medscape Medical News -- April 08, 2015

Administering Death, Terminating Suffering -- Anesthesiology News -- April 2015, Vol. 41

Assisted Suicide for Dementia or Those "Tired of Living?"-- by Megan Brooks -- Los Angeles Times -- February 19, 2015

How we Die Should be a Personal Choice - not the Government's -- by George Skelton-- Los Angeles Times -- February 22, 2015

Why Can't Blue States Allow People to Die with Dignity? -- by Steve Lopez -- Los Angeles Times -- May 20, 2013

A Christian Argument For Physician Assisted Death from the blog

Wounded by the Language of War - by Paula Span, New York Times, April 11, 2014

When a friend asks you to help her die - by Jerald Winakur, Washington Post, August 17, 2014

Sorrows of Dementia Don't Get Easier Over Time. - by Logan Jenkins, Union Tribune, Aug 5, 2014. And Response by Faye Girsch, Ed.D.

The Dying of the Light - by Craig Bowron - Washington Post - Sunday, January 11, 2009

After Watching Husband Die, NPR Host Favors Doctor-Assisted Suicide- by John Blosser - NewsmaxTV reports 10 July 2014 -

Among Doctors, Fierce Reluctance to Let Go - by Paula Span - New York Times - March 29, 2012.

Do Not Resuscitate: What Young Doctors Would Choose - by Paula Span - New York Times - May 20, 2014.

The Documents You Need, When You Need Them - by Paula Span - New York Times.

Navigating the Logistics of Death Ahead of Time - by Tara Siegel Bernard - New York Times.

Death Cafe tackles taboo subject with cake - by Pam Kragen - U-T San Diego. Article talks about the worldwide movement where groups of adults meet to talk about death and dying over cake and coffee.

The Art of Dying - by Gayatri Devi - Lapham's Quarterly. A physician writes about the death of a patient.

If Your Heart Stopped Tonight- An ICU physician on taking time to discuss with patients how they see their final days - by Daniela J. Lamas - The Atlantic - October 25, 2013

Dying the Good Death- by Lindsey Fitzharris - The Medium - October 25, 2013

Death is Having a Moment - by Erika Hayasaki - The Atlantic - October 25, 2013

New Jersey Proposal on Right to Die Debated -- by Melissa Ibarra -- -- March 29, 2013

Critique of Amour Movie -- by Faye Girsh -- March 29, 2013

Iraq Veteran, Paralyzed by Sniper, Prepares to Take his own Life -- by Matt Pearce -- Los Angeles Times -- March 22, 2013

Booth Gardner, former Washington state governor dies. He spearheaded the 2008 campaign to legalize assisted suicide in the state. -- by Times Staff and Wire Reports -- Los Angeles Times -- March 16, 2013

Article: What You Should Know about CPR -- by Christopher Meyers -- The Bakersfield Californian -- March 9, 2013

What You Think You Know about CPR is Probably Wrong -- by Jennifer Black-- The Bakersfield Californian -- March 9, 2013

Quiet Deaths Don't Come Easy -- by Melissa Healy -- Los Angeles Times -- February 5, 2013

Use of Hospice Care Increasing, But Often Too Late -- by RTT Staff Writer -- RTT News -- February 6, 2013

Voters Need to Weigh in on Assisted Suicide -- by Micelle Karas -- Bennington Banner -- January 30, 2013

Prosecutor Going Easier on Assisted Suicide Among Elderly -- by Steve Chawkins -- Los Angeles Times -- January 21, 2013

Laguna Woods Woman Gets Probation for Assisting in Suicide -- by Nicole Santa Cruz -- Los Angeles Times -- January 19, 2013

Chorus of Voices Grows Stronger for 'Death with Dignity' -- by Steve Lopez -- Los Angeles Times -- December 18, 2012

How to Die -- by Bill Keller -- New York Times -- October 7, 2012

What Mass. Can Learn From Oregon About Dying with Dignity -- by Rachel Zimmerman -- Common Health Reform and Reality -- September 21, 2012

Ohio Manís Shooting of Ailing Wife Raises Questions about Mercy Killings -- by Ray Rivera -- New York Times -- August 23, 2012

Briton Who Fought for Assisted Suicide is Dead -- by John F. Burns -- New York Times -- August 22, 2012

He Watched His Wife Die, Then Felt Heat of Law -- by J. Harry Jones and R. J. Ignelzi -- San Diego Union-Tribune -- August 26, 2012

Assisted Suicide: New Mexico Court Asked to Redefine the Term -- by Diane Carman -- Denver Post -- August 19, 2012

A Barbaric Death, and a Plea for a Change in the Law -- by Steve Lopez -- Los Angeles Times -- August 5, 2012

A Surprise Reflection of Who Picks Assisted Suicide -- by Katie Hafner -- New York Times -- August 11, 2012

Are Our Lives Our Own? The Ethics of 'Elective Death' -- by Bill Thompson -- The Post and Courier -- August 5, 2012

World Federation of Right to Die Societies - 17th World Congress Biennial Conference - Zurich, Switzerland -- by Faye Girsh -- June 2012

Argentine Senate Approves 'Dignified Death' Law -- CBS News -- May 10, 2012

Letter to the San Diego Union-Tribune about Junior Seau's death -- by Faye Girsh -- May 4, 2012

Letter to the San Diego Union-Tribune about "Suicide Kits" -- by Faye Girsh -- April 18, 2012

Elderly Man Accused of Assisting in Wife's Suicide -- San Diego Union-Tribune -- by Kristina Davis, J. Harry Jones and Pauline Repard -- March 21, 2012

British Court Allows Right-to-Die Case to Proceed -- San Diego Union-Tribune -- by Maria Chang, AP Medical Writer -- March 13, 2012

Hospice and Physician-Assisted Death: Collaboration, Compliance, and Complicity -- The Hastings Center -- by Courtney Campbell and Jessica Cox -- September/October 2010

Dutch Offered 'Euthanasia on Wheels-" - BBC News, The Hague -- by Anna Holligan -- March 2, 2012

Double Exit: Is it for You? -- by Faye Girsh

The New Dr. Death - The Week -- February 17, 2012

Georgia Supreme Court Acquits the Final Exit Network and Declares Assisted Suicide Law Unconstitutional -- February 6, 2012

Looking for a Place to Die - by Theresa Brown in the New York Times -- December 21, 2011
Note: Be sure to also read some of the Reader Comments.

Right-to-Die Progress in the 20th and 21st Century - reported by Derek Humphry on ERGO Listserv -- -- Nov. 5, 2011

Georgia Legalizes Assisted Suicide - by Rob Rivas on ERGO Listserv -- Nov. 5, 2011

Death Still Mystery For the Living - by Dr. Mario Garrett in the San Diego Union Tribune -- July 12, 2011

Incidence - and Fear - of Dementia Increase with Life Expectancy - by Dr. Mario Garrett in the San Diego Union Tribune -- July 19, 2011

The Right to Choose a Fatal Fast - by Paula Span in the New York Times -- August 30, 2011

"Choosing Death Can Be Like a 'Birth,' Advocates Say" -- CNN, August 30, 2011.

Dignity in Dying gains momentum, acceptance -- by Ann Mandelstamm May, 2011

Make End Days Your Own - by Loretta Sword

A Personal Tribute to Jack Kevorkian

Sam and Rose Stein Institute for Research on Aging -- documentaries on UCSD TV

The Good Short Life - by Dudley Clendinen in the New York Times -- July 9, 2011

What You Can Do If You Suspect Symptoms of Dementia in Yourself or a Loved One

YouTube interview about "Suicide Kits" -- May 11, 2011

Law on End-of-Life Care Rankles Doctors -- NYTimes, June 6, 2011

Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Advocate for Assisted Suicide, is Dead --NYTimes, June 3, 2011

Stop Aggressive Therapies -- NYTimes, June 1, 2011

Do I Look Like a Criminal? -- May 27, 2011

Daily Log by Faye Girsh of FEN Trial in Arizona in April 2011

Daily Beast article about "Suicide Kit" -- April 29, 2011

Engineering the End: How Planning for Loss Helped a Family Through It -- by Mike Mikula on CNN Health - April 16, 2011

Local Senior's "Suicide Kit" Business Ignites Controversy -- aired on CBS in San Diego on March 25, 2011

The Simmons Voice, in Vermont, printed this opinion-editorial 17 Mar 11 -- by Mary Buonanno

Don't Even Talk about Assisted Suicide in Georgia, or Risk a Felony -- by Jerry Dincin

Final Exit article in Atlanta Magazine -- by Charles Bethea

Right-To-Die Should Be Law Of The Land - It Should Be A Family Matter -- by Susan Campbell

What Broke My Father's Heart -- by Katy Butler

Georgia Woman Sues to Overturn Assisted Suicide Law -- distributed by The Associated Press

Billboard Stirs Controversy -- by Jen Wulf

Exciting news from the Final Exit Network - Right-to-die Group Argues Georgia Suicide Law Unconstitutional -- by Joel Anderson

Lethal Drugs in Mexico, Peru and Thailand -- by Derek Humphry

Liberty & Death: A manifesto concerning an individual's right to choose to die (on -- by Derek Humphry

A No-Progress Report on Assisted Suicide Prosecutions -- by Derek Humphry

Freethought San Marcos: Attacks on the right to a peaceful death continue -- by Lamar Hankins

Stroke and Dementia: Nemeses of a Good Death -- by Faye Girsh

Myths Concerning Terminal Sedation and Morphine -- by Erwin J. D. Kompanje

The Hemlock Story in Brief -- by Faye Girsh

Depression and Planned Death -- by Faye Girsh

Keeping Faith With My Father -- by Elizabeth Cohen

Living Wakes -- by John Newmeyer, Ph.D.

Stopping Eating and Drinking -- Four Major Determinants of How Long it Takes -- by Faye Girsh

A Christian Perspective on Choice in Dying -- by Bishop Shelby Spong

Active Euthanasia and the Colombian Constitutional Court -- by Justice Carlos Gaviria Diaz

Victorian MPs

Death: A Friend to be Welcomed Not an Enemy to be Defeated -- by Bishop John Shelby Spong

A Good Death - A Challenge to Law and Medical Ethics -- by Rodney Syme, MD

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