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DVD's on Self Deliverance

We are pleased to offer two excellent DVDs made by Dutch psychiatrist Boudewijn Chabot. He has offered them to us in return for a small donation. You can order these DVD's and pay through PayPal using the link at the bottom of this page or send your donation in a check payable to HSSD at our address and indicate it is a donation for DVD. Please write your address clearly and include your phone number and email.

The Helium Method DVD

The Helium Method is a 15 minute DVD (NTSC format) clearly outlining the use of helium. (Now, this can only be used with UNDILUTED tanks -- not those that are 80% Helium.) We are requesting a $5. donation for this.

Important Note:
This DVD “Dying at Home with Helium” was made in 2011. At that time you could readily purchase helium tanks that contained 100% helium gas. Recently, helium tanks have been modified to contain 80% helium and 20% air. The DVD’s directions should NOT be used with tanks containing only 80% helium. Make sure that the helium tank is NOT diluted with air. Be sure to check the tank’s label and if it is 80% helium and 20% air, do NOT buy or use it.

Click to see the back cover of the DVD

Eyewitness DVD by Boudewijn Chabot


EYEWITNESSES is a 45 minute DVD (NTSC format) with five speakers, discussing various methods of self-deliverance. Three of the speakers are loved ones of people who used the method. One is a doctor who helped someone die - under the Dutch law. The fifth is an 80 year old woman describing her analysis of the three methods with pros and cons. This is an excellent, rational discussion of planning for the end of life. We suggest a $7 donation for this.



Click to see the back cover of the DVD

You can receive both DVD's for a suggested donation of $10 which includes shipping, thanks to Bob Duffield, who will fulfill these orders.

Please enter your address in the PayPal comment field. We cannot ship DVD's without your mailing address.

Pick them up at our meetings. Plus, you will meet other interested San Diegans AND learn about changes in the California law.

All donations to HSSD are now tax-deductible so feel free to increase the amount of your check. And PRINT your address and email or phone and indicate which or both DVDs you are requesting.

It may take 6 weeks to get these to you, so just come to the meeting to pick them up right away.

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