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vertical line Resources and Information About End-of-Life Choices

Important Phone Numbers:
  • Suicide Hotline for San Diego (available 7/24): (800) 479-3339
  • Suicide Hotline for entire U.S. (available 7/24): (800) 784-2433 or (800) 273-8255
  • Suicide Hotline Website:
  • The Friendship Line - the only accredited crisis line in the country for people aged 60 years and older & adults living with disabilities: (415) 750-4111 or (650) 424-1411.

End-of-Life Organizations:

Discussion Groups:

Hemlock Society 30th Anniversary Conference - Achieving a Peaceful Death

Strategies for Avoiding Advanced Dementia- Hemlock Meeting Nov. 18, 2018

Medical Futility Blog by Thaddeus Pope

Legal Resources

Books on Dying -- most are available at

  • Choosing to Die, a Personal Story, by Phyllis Shacter. A wife's view of what it was like to experience Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED), which her husband chose to end his life after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.
  • Final Exit: The Practicalities of Self-Deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying, 3rd Edition - by Derek Humphrey
  • To Die Well: Your Right to Comfort, Calm, and Choice in the Last Days of Life (2008) - by Sidney Wanzer and Joseph Glenmullen
  • The Last Goodnights: Assisting My Parents with their Suicides (2010) - by John West
  • Last Wish (1998) - by Betty Rollin
  • In Search of Gentle Death The Right for Your Right to Die with Dignity (2012) - by Richard N. Cote
  • Deathing: An Intelligent Alternative for the Final Moments of Life (1989) - by Anya Foos-Graber
  • A Time to Die: The Place for Physician Assistance - by Charles F. McKhann
  • The Peaceful Pill Handbook (2010) - by Drs. Philip Nitschke and Fiona Stewart
  • Dignified Dying (2015) - by Boudewijn Chabot, MD, PhD
  • A Hastened Death by Self Denial of Food and Drink (2008) - by Boudewijn Chabot, MD, PhD (unavailable)
  • Stopping Eating and Drinking, a Guide (2015) - by Boudewijn Chabot, MD, PhD
  • Despedirse de la vida ayunando — Una guía (2017) - Spanish version of Stopping Eating and Drinking by Boudewijn Chabot, MD, PhD
  • A Graceful Passage (1990) - by Arnold R. Beiser, MD
  • Jane Brody's Guide to the Great Beyond (2009) - by Jane Brody
  • Five Last Acts, 2nd Edition - by Chris Docker
  • The Best Way to Say Goodbye (2007)- by Stan Terman
  • Jean's Way (1978) - by Derek Humphry
  • Before We Say Goodbye (2009) - by Sean Davison
  • To Die Like a Dog (2002) - by Lesley Martin
  • The Walk to the Paradise Garden (2011) - fiction - by Leon Arden
  • One True Thing (1994) - fiction - by Anna Quindlen
  • Never Say Die (2011) - by Susan Jacoby
  • Death with Dignity (2011) - by Robert Orfali
  • Wrong Medicine, 2nd edition (2011) - by Larry Schneiderman and Nancy Jecker
  • A Good Death (2008) - by Rodney Syme

Movies and DVDs on Hastened Death -- most are available at

  • Final Exit
  • A Finished Life
  • Grace Quigley
  • One True Thing
  • The Sea Inside
  • Right of Way
  • Million Dollar Baby
  • You Don't Know Jack
  • The Barbarian Invasions
  • It's My Party
  • Steam Roomss
  • How to Die in Oregon
  • Short Stay in Switzerland
  • Soylent Green
  • The Helium Method
  • Eyewitness


  • The FBI and the Bag Lady. This is a play I wrote in 2008 based on the true story of Sharlotte Hydorn. She had been a board member of the Hemlock Society of San Diego and resigned to make high quality Exit Bags. If you don't know what they are the play explains — and also tells the history of what happened to Shar after her encounter with the Feds. You are welcome to download it and perform it. Just mention me in the credits. The woman you cast as Shar is not a sweet old lady — she is a pleasant, courageous, articulate fighter — not angry but determined. She was tall and liked to wear big hats. I loved and admired her and hope to honor her with this piece. Faye Girsh




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Programs and activities of the Hemlock Society of San Diego (HSSD) are made possible by your membership dues and the generous donations of members and friends. Donations and memberships (tax deductible) can be sent to: HSSD, PO Box 34237, San Diego CA 92163.
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Donations of $100 or more will be acknowledged in our newsletter. Please let us know if you do not want to be acknowledged in the newsletter.

Include the Hemlock Society of San Diego in your Will or Living Trust. Our tax ID # is: 33-0467982 .

Thank you!

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